Chola meaning

Its origin is a somewhat derogatory term for mixed-blood castas in the Spanish Empire in Hispanic America and its successor states as part of castasthe informal ranking of society by heritage.

The exact usage and meaning has diverged heavily across Hispanic America, however. Cholo no longer necessarily refers only to ethnic heritage, and is not always meant negatively. Cholo can signify anything from its original sense as a person with one Amerindian parent and one Mestizo parent, "gangster" Mexico"person who dresses in the manner of a certain subculture" United Statesor as a grievous insult some South American countriessimilarly to chulo in Spain.

The term's use is first recorded in a Peruvian book published in andthe Comentarios Reales de los Incas by Inca Garcilaso de la Vega. He writes in Spanish "The child of a Black male and an Indian female, or of an Indian male and Black female, they call mulato and mulata. The children of these they call cholos. Cholo is a word from the Windward Islands ; it means dog, not of the purebred variety, but of very disreputable origin; and the Spaniards use it for insult and vituperation". In Ecuador, mestizas wearing indigenous attire in Ecuador were termed cholas.

In Colonial Mexicothe terms cholo and coyote co-existed, [ citation needed ] indicating mixed Mestizo and Amerindian ancestry. Cholo as an English-language term dates at least to when it was used by Herman Melville in his novel Moby-Dickreferring to a Spanish speaking sailor, possibly derived from the Windward Islands reference mentioned above. Isela Alexsandra Garcia of the University of California at Berkeley writes that the term can be traced to Mexico, where in the early part of the last century it referred to "culturally marginal" mestizos and Native American origin.

During the War of the Pacific — Peruvians were contemptuously referred to as "cholos" by Chilean officers. Cholos, cholas and cholitas are used as informal slang terms in parts of the US, to refer to people of Mexican descent, who usually are low-income, "tough", and may wear stereotypical clothes. Racial and cultural status, along with social class are reflected in the term cholo itself, which was adopted in California in the s by youth following the pachuco tradition, as a label for that identity Cuellar The word has historically been used along the borderland as a derogatory term to mean lower class Mexican migrants, and in the rest of Latin America to mean an acculturating Indian or peasant.

Despite, or because of, its long history of denigrating semantics, the term Cholo was turned on its head and used as a symbol of pride in the context of the ethnic power movements of the s. During the s and s, Cholos and Chicanos were known as "pachucos" and were associated with the zoot suit and hep cat subcultures.

In the 21st century, a cholo is stereotypically male, depicted as wearing loose fitting khaki pants or shorts, with white knee-high socks, creased jeans, white tank top undershirt, and button-front shirts, commonly plaid and flanneloften with just the top button buttoned. Cholos in the s and s frequently have their hair buzzed very short, though some continue to have the more traditional slicked-back hairsometimes held in place by a hairnet or a bandana.

Footwear originally included Stacy Adams dress shoes, and "biscuits" pointy toed dress shoes. Some cholos, particularly older cholos veteranos or cholos wishing to adopt a more traditional look, wear formal wear inspired by zoot suit fashion, including dress shirts with suspenders, and fedora hats, but may still retain cholo elements such as a bandana or hair net.

In South Texascholos are sometimes referred to as chucs or chukes. This term is short for pachucos. Tejano cholos typically make heavy use of starch on their pants but so do traditional Tejanos.

This designation may also be associated with black ink tattooscommonly involving calligraphy and art. A cholo might also stereotypically own a lowrider. Another staple of cholo fashion is long hair tied into braids as depicted by actor Danny Trejo.

In Bolivia"cholo" refers to people with various degrees of Amerindian racial ancestry. In these same surveys, the term had on occasion been used interchangeably with the term "mestizo. Cholos pescadores are a group of traditional fishermen along the coasts of Ecuador. In Peru, Mestizos with greater Amerindian contributions Indo-mestizoare They are mostly descendants of Quechua peoples at around The cholo gangs started from the U.

Many of these groups were formed by youths who had spent time in the United States and who returned with a different identity picked up in U. Cholos have their own style of dress and speech. They are known for hand signals, tattoos and graffiti. Groups of cholos control various territories in the city.The capital of the state, Cholamandalam, was located in the region of Thanjavur.

The state language was Tamil. The feudal despotism of the Chola dynasty reached its height between the late tenth and early 12th centuries, when the rulers subjugated other regions of Tamil Nadu including Panyamandalam, Tondaimandalam, and Kongumandalam and parts of what are now Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, and Sri Lanka. During the same period, the economy and culture of Tamil Nadu flourished. From the 13th to 18th centuries, branches of the Chola family governed a number of small princely states in various regions of southern India.

The capital is Chennai formerly Madras.

chola meaning

Click the link for more information. Its chief capitals were at Kanchi Kanchipuram and Thanjavur Thanjavurformerly Tanjorecity pop. It is a district administrative headquarters and a rice-milling center on the Kaveri River delta, known as the "rice bowl" of Tamil Nadu. The Chola kingdom was one of the three of ancient Tamil tradition, but the dynasty had been virtually submerged for centuries when at the end of the 9th cent. Under the famous rulers Rajaraja I reigned — and Rajendra I reigned —42 Chola power reached its zenith.

The former conquered Kerala and occupied N Sri Lanka; the latter completed the conquest of Sri Lanka, invaded Bengal, and sent out a great naval expedition that occupied parts of Myanmar, Malaya, and Sumatra. For years the Chola kingdom supported a flourishing social and economic life, marked by a flowering of Hindu culture. Its greatest architectural monument is an 11th-century temple at Tanjore, which was dedicated to Shiva in celebration of a military victory.

By the 13th cent. Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? After the ruling Chola said, 'This is a landmark ruling in a landmark case that has dragged on for a long time. La obra en analisis da cuenta de la hija de la cholaMary, quien ademas de cambiarse el nombre de Mariya a Maryniega el espacio en el que habita porque le recuerda su origen, sobre todo el indigena.

Komal Rizvi to make musical comeback. Visiting this Chola temple proved to be a good introduction to our next destination-the most important of the Great Living Chola Temples. Muses of coastal India: Tamil Nadu and Goa. From girl gang to girl band, the chola look is a favourite with stars including Selena Gomez, Gwen Stefani and Rihanna, to name but a few. Latina women love the Chola culture and style, which usually involves baggy pants and plaid shirts.

Chola dynasty

Chola MS General Insurance raises capital. Las entrevistas se han complementado con observacion directa en diferentes ambitos durante yy en el seguimiento de la eleccion de la Reina de Cuenca y Chola cuencana celebradas en Orden corporal y representaciones raciales, de clase y genero en la Ciudad de Cuenca Ecuador. During the Chola period c. Three Hindu empires, namely the Pandya, Pallava, and Cholawere becoming increasingly assertive and posed a threat to Sri Lanka.

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chola meaning

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What is Medieval Cholas? Explain Medieval Cholas, Define Medieval Cholas, Meaning of Medieval Cholas

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Login or Register. Save Word. Log In. Definition of cholo. First Known Use of choloin the meaning defined at sense 1. Keep scrolling for more. Learn More about cholo.Top definition. They usually have thin, arched, angry looking tattooed-on or penciled-on eyebrows, brown or dark red lip liner, 'Monroe', eyebrow and nose piercings, tats, Converse or Nikes, flannel shirts, lots of gold jewlrey with their name and crossescrunchy gelled or moussed hair either down or gelled in a high perfect ponytail either straight back or gelled in a design, and they go out with cholos.

A lot of regular mexican or puerto rican girls do the look but aren't cholas. A true chola is down for her barrio and is in a gang, and is as ruthless as a male gangbanger if not more.

It is much more common to just look like a chola, and not act like a chola. In Miami they are called 'chongas'. A chola is a firme hyna latina that wears a lot of makeup: thick eyeliner, liquid eyeliner on top going out of your eye dark brown or red lipstick and eyebrows drawn on or really thin.

We mostly have permed hair with hella gel or straight and arched on top. We kick it with people in our own barrio and not really claiming a color mainly your raza. Brown Pride or Barrio and wear baggy or tight cloths with nike cortez shoes. We bang our barrio and raza and got fine ass vatos!!!! The girls my brother gets pregnant. He knocked up another chola! Ese pendejo!

Chola unknown. Yo esecheck out those fine ass cholas over there.

chola meaning

A hyna that prefers the sharpie pen above all other eyebrow liners. It must have been that chola. Dang homie did you see that cholashe fine as hell. Dirty Bre Ayle Dirty Mikayla RA Unit Dirty Rebecca Dirty Jalen Dirty kaden The Meghan Dirty celeste. Alphabetical list Chokondis Chokonma chokr chokrit choksi chokter choktter choku dori chokun chokurry chok wow Chokies chokyi chokyong chol chola chola brows Chola Chaser chola choke cholack Cholacorn Cholada chola-fagola cholafied Chola Fingers cholah chola juice Cholak cholalicious cholamady.Chola dynastyChola also spelled ColaSouth Indian Tamil rulers of unknown antiquity, antedating the early Sangam poems c.

The dynasty originated in the rich Kaveri Cauvery River valley. Uraiyur now Tiruchchirappalli was its oldest capital. The legendary King Karikan was the common ancestor through whom small Deccan and Andhra families called Chola or Coda claimed a connection with the Uraiyur family. The Chola country Coromandel stretched from the Vaigai River in the south to Tondaimandalam, the capital of which was Kanci now Kanchipuramin the north. Much of Tamil classical literature and the greater Tamil architectural monuments belong to the Sangam period, which also saw a revival of Shaivism worship of the god Shiva and the development of southern Vaishnavism worship of the god Vishnu.

Revenue administration, village self-government, and irrigation were highly organized under the Cholas. Chola kings and emperors bore the titles Parakesharivarman and Rajakesharivarman, alternately.

Their chronology is difficult. Vijayalaya reigned c. Parantaka I reigned — c.

"chola" in English

Rajaraja I reigned —an able administrator, protected Vengi the Godavari districts and occupied the Gangavadi territory in present-day Karnataka stateannihilating the western Gangas. By he had conquered Kerala the Chera country and acquired northern Sri Lanka. With the booty thus acquired, he built the great Brihadishvara temple at Tanjore now Thanjavur.

By Rajaraja had acquired the Lakshadweep and Maldive islands. He placed a son on the throne at Madurai, completed the conquest of Sri Lanka, overran the Deccan c. He conquered portions of the Malay Peninsula and the Malay Archipelago. Rajadhiraja reigned —54 fought the Pandyas and Cheras and defeated the Western Chalukya ruler Someshvara I inbut he was killed at the Battle of Koppam, against the Chalukyas, in The Chola ruler Virarajendra reigned —69 attempted to render the Chalukya empire in the Deccan harmless, but his death enabled Vikramaditya Chalukya to dabble in Chola family quarrels.

Kulottunga I reigned —who succeeded to both the Chola and Eastern Chalukya crowns by right of inheritance, wisely abandoned the Deccan and concentrated on uniting the eastern coast. Intrigues concerning the right to the Pandya throne embroiled Cholas, Pandyas, and Sri Lanka which by then had recovered its independence from about Related to Cholas: Pallavas.

Mentioned in? References in periodicals archive? Special classes for politicians.! There is evidence of a Tamil presence in the north of Sri Lanka since at least the third century BC, and in the following years, the Cholasa South Indian dynasty, made inroads into the country's hinterland, establishing kingdoms that endured for centuries.

Colombo to Jaffna. Mahabalipuram was a major seaport until the Cholas took control of the region. Muses of coastal India: Tamil Nadu and Goa. The riches include diamonds, jewellery and other valuables offered by various dynasties ranging from Cholas and Chalukyas to Devrayas and even the Nizams of the Deccan. Politics casts shadow over richest temple.

Like Cynthia, Kathleen initially rejects the food her grandmother cooks, "things with funny names like alloo cholas and eggplant bhartha, all served over an endless supply of cumin-scented rice" which she associates with "the Third World. Afecto transgeneracional y auto aceptacion en terminos culturales en dos relatos transcanadienses. I am very happy to be here in the land of the great Cholaswho established India's historical civilisation links through trade and education.

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