Piave dop

The promotion programmes of Italian traditional gastronomic specilities are intended to help consortia communicate the quality of their products in order to promote them on national and international markets.

In Germany, the promotion focused on strengthening the already existing commercial relationship in order to increase awareness on the DOP certification. In Austria, on the other hand, the campaign tried to intercept the consumers demand for quality products both on retail market and in target restaurants. The promotion campaign therefore was directed at a highly profiled audience, able to understand and share its various messages.

In particular, the identified subjects of the campaign were:. ARCO Researchers developed a set of ad hoc data collection tools to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness and impact of the Piave DOP cheese promotion campaign in terms of reaching new markets, enhancing the image of the certified product and increasing its competitiveness and consumption. The developed strategy aims at investigating two fundamental dimensions of the promotion campaign.

The first concerns the degree of acknowledgement of the quality regimes imposed by legislation and the degree of awareness regarding the meaning and value of quality labels. The second looks at Piave DOP cheese increased competitiveness and consumption, as well as the optimization of its image, on selected markets.

The evaluation strategy proposed by ARCO Researchers implies qualitative and quantitative methods, the use of questionnaires submitted online to consumers, market surveys, telephone interviews with restaurateurs, as well as focus groups with beneficiaries of the campaign activities. Begin typing your search above and press return to search. General Objective ARCO Researchers developed a set of ad hoc data collection tools to evaluate the relevance, effectiveness and impact of the Piave DOP cheese promotion campaign in terms of reaching new markets, enhancing the image of the certified product and increasing its competitiveness and consumption.

What have we done? Related Projects Yearly evaluation and impact evaluation of a programme to foster social inclusion in Tuscany. Mid-term evaluation of the project MilKy for the development of a sustainable dairy supply chain in Kenya.

Final evaluation of the project Pe. Evaluation of the promotion campaign for Italian traditional specialities in Japan. Community center, final evaluation of the social inclusion project. Mid-term evaluation of the project to contrast irregular migration in Ethiopia.

Mid-term evaluation of the project for the conservation of Protected Areas in Albania.I was lucky enough to be invited yesterday to a cheese tasting event at the Streets restaurant in Graz. Besides me, Austrian food bloggers, gourmet magazines and restaurant owners were invited to try out this delicious cheese. Our menu was made completely with the Piave DOP cheese.

Below is a gallery of pictures with descriptions. The Piave DOP is a type of cheese that is produced in the area of Belluno, about an hour from Venice in the mountains in the most northern side of the Veneto region. The production is strictly regulated and is only made in one dairy farm in the Italian Dolomites. All cattle grows and roams in the area of Belluno. The type of milk used and the ripening process gives this cheese an interesting taste that distinguishes it from other more famous DOP cheeses, like Grana Padano and Parmiggiano Reggiano.

Piave DOP is not that known in the Austrian region, so part of this three-year EU program aims to make it break into the market.

Now, the project has come to Graz and from today till the 20th of December you will be able to buy tasting platters of the Piave DOP cheese in different restaurants:.

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This is a unique opportunity, since this cheese is not sold in shops in Austria yet. Make sure to go for a tasting in one of the restaurants above! I love talking about Graz to anybody who listens. With Living La Vida Graz, my goal is to help fellow foreigners navigate this beautiful city. See author's posts. Your email address will not be published.

Now, the project has come to Graz and from today till the 20th of December you will be able to buy tasting platters of the Piave DOP cheese in different restaurants: Enoteca dei Ciclopi Peppino im Hofkeller La Tavernetta San Pietro Trattoria Veneziana Talianu This is a unique opportunity, since this cheese is not sold in shops in Austria yet.

Where to go shopping for Christmas presents in Graz. Related Post. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Leave this field empty. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.Thanks to the production process and the quality of the raw materials used, Piave cheese has obtained the Protected Designation of Origin, the highest recognition of the European Community for quality food products.

In order for a cheese to be declared PDO, the production phases and aging must take place in a delimited geographic area, which for Piave, is the province of Belluno.

Piave cheese

The producer must follow the strict production rules set forth in the production protocol; the observance of this protocol is guaranteed by a specific control body. How and where is it produced? Following coagulation through the addition of rennet, the curd is cooked and placed in moulds; then salted by immerging the wheels in a saline solution.

piave dop

Finally, the cheese is aged in warehouses at controlled temperature and humidity. The aging of the cheese varies depending on the type being produced: 20 to 60 days for Piave Fresco, 61 to days for Piave Mezzano, over days for Piave Vecchio, more than 12 months for Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro and more than 18 months for Piave Riserva.

Each of these types can boast the protected designation of origin. The area for the collection of the milk and for the production of the Piave DOP cheese, delimited by law, is exclusively the Province of Belluno.Piave DOP has a cylindrical shape with a soft rind that grows harder and darker as it ages. The interior of the cheese is white, and darkens with age, it has a grainy and crumbly texture, with a characteristic layering in more mature cheeses. Fresh Piave DOP is ideal for melting and adding to a variety of local recipes, such as the traditional Belluno dish formai fritwhich consists of fried cheese with polenta and kraut.

piave dop

In the first social cooperative was born which helped many small producers enhance their products and therefore be able to stay on their land. The breeding methods follow traditional criteria based on the ties between the cattle breeds and the territory. The cows mountain graze during the summer months and also are fed with natual elements of the territory, namely meadow grass fodder supplemented with cereals, grains and corn. Piave Fresco D. The seasoning enhances the aromas of the cheese and makes it versatile in combinations with the great red wines of the Italian tradition.

Wine and Travel Italy. Add to Favourites. Piave DOP 1. What's on. The millefoglie from Casa Perbellini, a pleasure for the palate Veneto. Valdo Spumanti Veneto. La Jara Veneto. A thematic visit to Venice, the City of Bridges Veneto.Texture: crumblydenseflaky and grainy. Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro red label is pasteurized cow's milk cheese named after a river by the same name.

The Vecchio Selezione Oro, a matured variety of Piave is offered only after it reaches its full potential at one year of ageing. It is a hard, grainy and crumbly with a flavour that is mild and never sharp. With longer ageing, it cultivates a very intense, fruity flavour with an enduring taste. The hard pate of the cheese is intense straw-colour while the rind is smooth, even, intense ochre colour.

Piave Fresco aged for 20 to 60 days - blue label Piave Mezzano aged for 61 to days - blue label Piave Vecchio aged for more than 6 months - blue label Piave Vecchio Riserva aged for more than 18 months - black label. Overpage views per month, Want to be listed on cheese. Here could be your shop! Love cheese? Use our large database to learn more about your favourite dairy!

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Intervista a Chiara Brandalise Direttore Consorzio Formaggio Piave DOP

Find over specialty cheeses from 74 countries in the world's greatest cheese resource. Piave Vecchio Selezione Oro. Cheese stores near you Buy cheese online. Overpage views per month, Put your store on our map! Contact Us. Want to be listed on cheese. Other Italian cheeses:.Born from the experience of local cheesemakers, it is still produced today in compliance with traditional methods.

piave dop

It has a sweet and intense flavor which intensifies with the aging process. Piave Mezzano Cheese DOP is produced with pasteurized whole cow's milk collected exclusively in the Belluno valleys from typical breeds of cattle from the production area, including the Bruna Italiana, fed with local forage rich in inflorescences which attribute particular organoleptic characteristics to the milk.

The seasoning, which lasts from 60 to days, makes the rind to be thick, consistent and tending to brown while the paste is straw-colored. Shape and size. Piave Mezzano Cheese DOP has a cylindrical shape with flat faces of variable diameter, depending on the three types:, cm. It has a height of cm and the weight varies according to the seasoning: Fresh 5. Piave is produced in three types: Fresh, with days maturation; Mezzano, from 60 to days; Old, over days.

The pasta is semi-hard and quite elastic, compact, white and without holes. The taste is firm and pleasant; the perfume is very reminiscent of milk but also of yogurt; on the palate, it is a cheese with high solubility.

Nutritional value. Fat: 34 g.

Piave DOP cheese tastings in Graz

Carbohydrates: 0. Protein: 25 g. Salt: 1. The name of the Piave cheese derives from the homonymous river, whose source is located on Mount Peralba in Comelico. Born from the dairy tradition of the Belluno area, it is produced with local milk collected by the Lattebusche cooperative and has a manufacturing and maturing process that follows the traditional method.

In all its varieties, Piave Cheese is perfect to be enjoyed in purity or accompanied by bread and polenta. Of course, some recipes range from appetizers to desserts such as the tasty Piave risotto or the very special pear and Piave ice cream. Piave Mezzano Cheese DOP is suitable for any use in the kitchen and also allows less experienced chefs to create special dishes.

Thanks to its qualities and a strict production disciplinary, Piave Cheese can boast the indication DOP Protected Designation of Origina quality mark that protects the agri-food excellence of Europe.

The cattle breeds that produce milk are typical of the area, including the Italian Bruna, the Italian Pezzata Rossa, and the Italian Frisona. Sincethis product has been protected by the Consortium for the Protection of Piave Cheese which is based in Busche di Cesiomaggiore and which aims to safeguard the typicality and peculiar characteristics of Piave Mezzano Cheese DOP and promote its knowledge on national and international markets. Pasteurized milk is inoculated with the starter or whey starter produced by the dairy.

Coagulation, rennet, occurs with the use of calf rennet. The curd undergoes a break the size of a grain of rice and then half-cooked-cooked, depending on the type to be obtained. After extraction, the pasta is placed in molds, where the shapes are pressed and marked. Finally, salting in brine. The mark, present on the whole heel in a vertical direction and with the reverse side of the alternating writing, certifies the origin of the product.

Each shape shows the production batch printed on the heel or one of the two plateswith the day, month and year of production. In short, Piave DOP cheese represents a consolidated dietary habit for many consumers who want a healthy and balanced diet without giving up expression and tradition, made of taste and genuineness. All stages of the production process are of fundamental importance in determining the characteristics of Piave DOP cheese, starting from the quality of the milk determined by the breed of the cowto the farming methods - which are as follows traditional criteria also characterized by the link between the breed of cattle raised and the territory and its origin - and the composition of the "recipe", which is the result of the individual dairy tradition.

If it is fresh it can be tasted alone, with bread and vegetables, or at the end of the meal, with acacia honey and chestnut honey. It lends itself best to the classic recipes of the Belluno culinary tradition, but it is also suitable for refined Italian dishes. Piave Mezzano Cheese DOP is perfect to be enjoyed naturally or cut into strips to enrich tasty salads or first courses.

It is a flaky hard, grainy cheese with a dense texture and no holes. The flavor is intense sweet with a tropical fruity flavor underlined by an almond-like bitterness.

Piave Mezzano Cheese DOP (Quarter Wheel)

Ingredients: Pasteurized cow's milk, salt, rennet, lysozyme from eggs. Truffles See all Back.

piave dop

Mushrooms See all Back.Piave is an Italian cow's milk cheesethat is named after the Piave river. Piave is a hardcooked curd cheese, offered at 5 different ages: [4] [5].

Piave cheese has a dense texture, without holes, and is straw-yellow in hue. It has a slightly sweet flavor. Once fully aged, it becomes hard enough for grating, and it develops an intense, full-bodied flavor. Piave's rind is impressed repeatedly in vertical direction with the name of the cheese. Piave is sold throughout Europe and in the US as a hard cheese at which point its taste resembles that of a young Parmigiano Reggiano.

The red label is aged at least 1 year and is called Vecchio Piave Vecchio Selezione Orowhile the blue label is softer. Both are available all over Europe and can also be found in the US, primarily at specialty shops.

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